Accenture: Supply Chain Security In Peril

Criminals are increasingly targeting supply chains according to a new report from Accenture. The research notes that threats from adversarial nation-states are growing and vulnerabilities in supply chains make an attractive target for those looking to pull off a statement-making attack.

“Supply chains have been seen to become the preferred targets of politically motivated threat groups as they represent the lowest hanging fruit when threat actors consider compromising mature targets,” the report states. “Of the many advantages supply chains as targets offer to an adversary, two of the major benefits include the fact that smaller organizations within a supply chain often have less-robust or even non-existent cybersecurity defenses and, second, the fact that these organizations usually offer a networked connection to their customers via supplier portals, shared networks or trusted relationships between employees. If an adversary can exploit a member of the supply chain, the potential exists to advance from the supplier’s network to that of the intended target. “

Accenture also warns that current trade conflicts can potentially impact supply chain security as suppliers in some tightly controlled countries, like China, are at higher risk of pressure to abuse their supplier-customer relationships through intellectual property theft or by offering favorable terms to only politically-approved partners.

Loss prevention and supply chain security will be a focus at ISC West 2020, taking place March 17-20 at Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

Article Written by Joan Goodchild | View all articles by Joan Goodchild