Report Forecasts 1 Billion Surveillance Cameras by 2021

New research from IHS Markit predicts one billion surveillance cameras will be deployed globally by 2021. The research, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, predicts China’s installed base will reach more than 560 million cameras by 2021. The country will have the largest share of surveillance devices installed globally, according to the research.

The U.S. is predicted to see growth to about 85 million cameras. China’s installed base of cameras is up 70 percent in recent years,  and U.S. installations of surveillance increased by nearly 50 percent, said IHS.

The research also notes, when comparing populations sizes, China will have approximately the same ratio of cameras to citizens as the U.S. In 2018, China had 350 million cameras installed, translating to one camera for every 4.1 people. In the U.S., the ratio was one for every 4.6 people in 2018.

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Article Written by Joan Goodchild | View all articles by Joan Goodchild